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  • Junk removal
  • Foreclosure clean out
  • Hoarding & clutter cleaning
  • Extreme cleaning & estate cleanups
  • Pet & vermin damage remediation
  • Dump cleaning
  • We specialize in getting you back your deposit

Delgado Hauling has been providing outstanding hauling services for 4 years, but we have just recently settled into Oakland. We are women and minority-owned, and we have a passion for providing top service to our clients and to the environment. Our prices and our services are highly competitive.


Delgado Hauling Services provides a professional yet affordable hauling service so that all families and businesses affected by the recession can afford it throughout the East Bay Area. No job is too big or little for us, and we are reliable and dependable. We strive to deliver superior customer service. We donate reusable items as much as possible to charities, local homeless shelters, battered women homes, orphanages, and families in need.

We offer same day service at no additional cost. We charge by the volume of items we haul. All you have to do is point to the space you want us to clear out for you and we will even sweep and leave the area clean and ready for you to make some good use of it.

We even offer incentives for referring family and friends.

Our Hauls start as low as $25 with no hidden fees or obligations. We will even recycle your old mattress and your old computer for FREE when you book an $80+ pickup. We now accept debit and all major credit cards for your convenience.

We Haul it ALL! Whatever your needs, from storage container to small home or large business, we can handle them well.

Our prices and our services are highly competitive. We also do everything we can to recycle as much as we can. This, along with our desire to help people in need, has led us to create Project Esperanza (Spanish for “hope”) to pass on the goods that hauling clients no longer need to people like battered women who can use things like free furniture, clothing and toys to help them establish new lives.

For our business, we have a 10’x8’x5′ 3-ton truck and a cadre of well-trained people who can handle any hauling task. We are fully insured for liability and provide workers’ comp even to temporary help. We take the time to sort thru each and every haul we make, and we make it a point to dump as little as we can in landfills, trying to keep our earth as green as possible.

In our business, we are always picking up good, useful things that people want to get rid of. Until Project Esperanza obtains funding and 501(c)(3) status, our business covers the costs of maintaining a large rented storage bin and working with nonprofit organizations to receive the goods they need. All goods are in great condition (we’re expert at doing small repairs and cleaning!), and we photograph all the goods as we take them in. Thus, we have created an easily workable system to deliver goods to people who need them.




We avoid landfill dumping as much as possible. We take 99% of hauled Junk to recycling centers. We recycle everything we possibly can, even mattresses and your old electronic equipment. Delgado Hauling is officially certified through the City of Oakland as a Bay Area GREEN Business. Its our number one goal to be environmentally friendly.

We accept all major forms of credit card

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